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To say that I have a hummus addiction is a understatement.

Living in the middle east has definitely had an influence but its just so darn tasty!
Back when I was living in the UK, I would get so many different types of hummus (the possibilities really are endless) but like most things… its just not as good as home made.
And less face it, it really does take less than 5 minutes and ANYONE can make it its so straight forward.



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Not only does it pass the taste test but home made hummus is FAR MORE NUTRITIOUS.


Why is hummus so good for you I hear you ask?


The base of this recipe contains:



Contain both protein and fiber which help increase satiety and promote weight loss. Rich in vitamin B6 (folate) they are excellent to consume when pregnant or to help with conceiving.


Known for helping with colds and flu due to their high vitamin C levels. Lemons are powerful dexofiers cleansing the liver and assisting to flush out the digestive system. They also make your skin GLOW!


Contains higher levels of calcium than any animal produce has to offer. Plant calcium is also more bioavailable, meaning it is more easily absorbed and digested better. Calcium strengthens bones, fights insomnia and helps with muscle aches.


All in all, it is a perfect snack for


  • Diabetics
  • Obese or overweight individuals
  • Those with inflammatory issues
  • Cholesterol and blood pressure problems 
  • Anyone who loves tasty food


If like me you are trying to follow a LOW OR NO -OIL DIET then getting hummus to a creamy consistence that is emulated in restaurants can be a wee bit tricky.


This hummus is






easy no oil hummus (vegan, gluten free)



Some people use aquafaba (the brine like juice thats in the tin of chickpeas) to make hummus extra creamy. And while you can certainly try this, I choose not to.
Mostly because I don’t like the texture it gives and also because the brine itself can contain salts, sugars, E numbers and even oils
shocked face emoji
Plus, I see it as old stale water so I’m not in to using that!
So if you do opt to have it make sure you buy an organic brand that has only chickpeas and water.



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I usually make this at the beginning of the week and use it in various ways, such as:


  • A DOLLOP ON A BUDDAH BOWL (E.G Kale, Quinoa, Diced Tomatoes & Hummus)

  • AS A SALAD DRESSING  (Thinned down with a little water & a pinch of Turmeric)

  • WITH CRUDITIES AS A HEALTHY SNACK (Use Peppers, Carrots, Cucumber, even Cauliflower & Sugar Snaps)

  • ON TOAST (with Avocado, Tomato & Rocket)


Do you have a favourite way to make hummus? Write down your favourite combos in the comments below!

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