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How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

Before I got pregnant I envisioned this almost dream-like state for my healthy pregnancy. I would wake up to do yoga and meditation, have long walks on the beach, connect with nature, go to the gym and eat all the fruit and veggies that I possibly could. 
It actually makes me laugh thinking about it!
As miraculous and amazing as pregnancy is, I also had some pretty tough times.  
Pregnancy is HARD and the first trimester can be particularly challenging. But there are plenty of tips that you can implement that will help you have a healthy pregnancy even when you feel like crap 🙂

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Yes you want to be healthy and might have envisioned drinking green juices and doing peaceful yoga sessions daily (no..just me?) 
In reality you probably won’t feel like doing much, so worrying about what your eating AND what you’re not eating is just going to cause you frustration. 
Now I don’t mean stuff your face with all sorts of rubbish junk food! Remember you are growing a baby in there and that baby needs nourishment. 
But just don’t beat yourself up about it. The likely hood is that you will feel better in your second trimester and can make better choices then.

For now, if you suffer from nausea, try snacking on:

  • Rice or oat crackers
  • Low sugar vegan biscuits,
  • Oats
  • Sandwiches with avocado, low sugar jams or nut butters
  • Wholegrains (boiled rice, quinoa)
  • Potatoes ( I was quite potato mad during this trimester!)



Vegetables made me want to projectile vomit so adding in lots of fruit kept me topped up with nutrients.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Fruit – whole pieces (juicy ones seem to work best)
  • Fruit smoothies or smoothie bowls
  • Baked fruit
  • Fruit in porridge oats
  • Fruit Jam on bread, bagels or crackers
  • Smashed banana on toast
These mild tasting vegetables can be added to smoothies (If you dare!)    
Courgette, cauliflower, squash, spinach. You can also add some dates in for extra sweetness.



Snacking regularly can really help with that horrible nausea feeling that comes with morning sickness. Also, by eating little and often rather than 3 big meals your blood sugar will stay more balanced which can give you more energy. 





Sufficient hydration is so important but even more so during pregnancy as you need extra fluids to help grow a baby. If water tastes vile right now you can do the following to make sure you are drinking enough.
  • Low sugar cordial (if nothing else works then its better than nothing)
  • Smoothies 
  • Fresh Juices. Can be used alone or diluted with water
  • Fruit infused water
  • Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables & broth based soups
With both smoothies and juices, include fruits such as melons, berries and oranges which have a high water content compared to tropical fruits such as mangoes and papayas.



Don’t freak out. I don’t mean exercise which you might not be feeling up to at this moment. Movement is the goal here. 

  1. Stand rather than sit
  2. Walk rather than stand
  3. Keep busy (shopping, cleaning)
  4. Every hour stand up and stretch or walk around for a few minutes
  5. Include 1 daily walk 



If you exercised before getting pregnant then you can continue your current routine (with modifications) 
Exercise during pregnancy is great to include, however, you mustn’t do anything that challenges you more than what you are used to.
TIP! If you want an active pregnancy but you’re unsure what you can and cant do, seek help from your doctor or book an appointment with a personal trainer that is certified in prenatal fitness. 



Going for a walk outside everyday was essential in keeping me sane throughout my entire pregnancy. 
It provides a distraction, clears your head and gives you a boost of serotonin (which is much needed when we feel so hormonal!) Plus movement can help with fatigue and sickness so its a win win.
If you really cant face it, just commit to one daily walk outdoors and soon enough it will become a habit. 
You can even listen to a podcast or an audio book to keep you motivated and entertained.




I know, more things to do, don’t hate me! This isn’t a hard core vinyasa flow I’m talking about though.
This is yummy, feel good stretches that ease sore muscles and help you sleep better.
In fact breathing exercises, which are a big component of yoga, actually help with morning sickness!





When done correctly acupuncture can be extremely beneficial to you as a mother and also for your growing baby. My acupuncturist even told me that mothers who get acupuncture when pregnant have smarter babies – but maybe she’s just biased 😉
It may seem frightening using needles while pregnant but as long as long as your acupuncturist is certified it can be a great help with reducing sickness and boosting energy.



This last suggestion is something I find can be really beneficial for our mental health. 
During the first trimester you might decide not to tell anyone you are pregnant which can make you feel a bit of a recluse as you mightn’t  be able to do the things you were doing before. 
But staying in the loop with family and friends can really help if your feeling rubbish. Plus with all those hormones surging, it might be a safe option for your partner LOL.



  1. Stretch 5 minutes when waking and before bed
  2. Go for a 20 minute walk outside
  3. Keep busy throughout the day by standing regularly, doing some gentle cleaning or going out shopping
  4. Drink a fruit smoothie for breakfast and snack or ripe juicy fruits throughout the day.
  5. Keep your diet filled with wholegrains
  6. keep stress low by meditating, taking things easy and enjoying the process
  7. Spend time with loved ones
  8. Give acupuncture a try
  9. Pause for 5 minutes a day and focus on your breath. You can even do this on the toilet #noexcuses


So thats it mummies, my best tips that I used in my first trimester. 
Do you have any tips that helped you in your first trimester? Id love to know so leave a comment below

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Hi, I’m Lizzie! I help busy mums lose weight, increase energy, and raise healthy kids on a plant-based lifestyle.



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