Do you want to transform your body? Feel more energised & have glowing skin?
Let me show you how!


Do you feel overwhelmed by all the different diet advice you hear?


Do you worry that you will spend the rest of your life jumping from one diet to another without ever seeing real results?


Do you feel that healthy eating will take too much of your precious time & cost too much money? 



I get it! You want to feel better in your clothes, improve your health & get glowing skin. But after trying so many diets in the past I understand that you dont know who or what to believe anymore.


You just want to look and feel your best in a simple, sustainable way that fits in with your entire family and life!  

Imagine if..
A certified Holistic Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher teaches you everything you need to know about what food to eat, what exercise you need to do & what lifestyle tips to you need to start.
Do you want someone who will tell you EXACTLY what you need to do & give you all the knowledge & tools so you can do it easily?
What if you could...
  • Lose weight
  • Eat as much as you want and never feel deprived
  • Eliminate or drastically minimise existing health issues
  • Get gorgeous clear, glowing skin
  • Drastically increase energy
  • Have stronger & faster growing hair & nails
  • Improve digestion, gas & bloating



What You Get:


  • A full health consultation where we will determine your goals, where to feel stuck & how to move you forward
  • Assess health issues that are keeping you from reaching your goals
  • Personal Accountability & action plans to ensure you have all the tools you need for success
  • A personalised nutrition & wellness plan tailored to YOU
  • Step by step guide to easily transition you into a plant based diet
  • Printable shopping lists, meal plan samples & lots of additional resources
  • Private Facebook support group

What you'll Learn:

  • Understand exactly what foods to eat and why
  • How many carbohydrates, fats and proteins you need to vibrant health, weight loss & abundant energy
  • How to plate up your meals for success
  • How to eat to improve health, increase energy & lose weight
  • How to eat out in restaurants & away from home
  • Understand what might be holding you back from reaching your goal
  • Quit sugar & junk food
  • Wellness, exercise & lifestyle tips

Who is this program for?

This program is for you if....

  • You need more help and want a personliased program based on your WANTS, NEEDS & GOALS


  • You dont know what food to eat, what to avoid & how to eat in a way thats right for YOU


  • You want to be more educated on how to create healthy meals and how to eat balanced meals every day


  • You want to know why you havnt been able to reach your goals & exactly what to do to get there.


  • Don’t understand what foods you can and cant eat on a plant based diet



  • You don't want to feel hungry or deprived


  • You dont want to go on ANOTHER diet!


  • You want someone with the knowledge & expertise to tell you exactly what to do




Who is this program NOT for?


This program is not for you if...

  • You want a fad diet that gives you short term results


  • You're not open to learning new concepts about nutrition


  • Your not interested in becoming more plant based


Hear from people who have already said yes!

I approached Lizzie because I wanted to get my pre-pregnancy body back. 
Lizzie helped me by keeping me accountable to my actions, providing me my workout plans and helping me stay focused on myself (and not just my children!)
The result was nothing short of amazing! I´ve dropped 23lbs which has surpassed my goal (18lbs). I feel great, more energetic and have learned new and exciting recipes for myself and my family. 
One thing I liked was the way she kept ME accountable for my progress. Lizzie provided me with all the necessary tools and information to succeed, but it was up to me to get them done. 
I found the experience to be empowering. I´ve tried to lose weight before but did not have any structure to my method. Lizzie took me through a step by step progress and kept me going on a positive and healthy path. 
I would recommend Lizzie to people who need to lose weight, find a healthy lifestyle and particularly Moms or moms to be who need to stay focused on their goals!

Ana De Castro


Meet Lizzie 


Hi Ladies, I'm Lizzie!


Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer,  Yoga Teacher (& most importantly MOTHER)


Ive taught countless women how to improve their health, have healthy babies & lose weight on a plant based diet for over 15 years!


I practice a holistic approach in coaching, so not one part of your experience is overlooked. Diet, movement, lifestyle & minset.. it ALL matters. 


And I know all the little niggly things that are bothering you because I've-been-there & got the T.shirt!


I created this course to teach you everything I know in the quickest time possible with all the support & resources for lasting success. By-pass all my mistakes and learn what actually works in as little as 4 hours!


Honestly, you know all the answers already, I'm just here to help you fish them out!

I cant wait to meet you and help you on this incredible journey.


Think of this course as 6 months worth of coaching sessions streamlined into 4 hours of 1- 1 coaching, jam packed full of resources, printables & goodies (At a FRACTION of the cost)


How it works:

  • Sign up for the next available appointment by paying in full (see below) or contact me at for further enquiries
  • I will be in contact shortly after to arrange a suitable time to get you started immediently 
  • Feel free to ask ANY questions
  • After the 4 hour session is complete, you will recieve a full personalised meal plan, exercise guide & lifestyle suggestions that are unique for you

Frequently Asked Questions: 




Will I need to eat expensive foods, I'm on a limited budget?

Absolutely not! Infact going plant based is much cheaper than a stardard diet. Plus, I'll teach you many techniques to save even more money when grocery shopping


What about calcium, iron, protein & B12?

You can get everything you need (& more) from a plant based diet...As long as you know how to do it correctly. Don't worry ill show you how!


What if I eat out or travel regularly?

Life would be pretty boring if we didnt have challanges ;) You will learn how to navigate big obstacles in your life to keep moving forward


How many others will be on the course?

There will be a maximum of 10 women on the course. 


Do I need to go fully vegan to go on this course?

No. Even if you are just interested in adding more plant foods into your diet this course will still help. Only do as much that feels right for you :)

How long is the course?

The coaching is split in to two days and will take 2 hours each day (4 hours in total) Perfect for busy mums!


Where will the course be held?

Groups will meet in person (in Abu Dhabi) or online (Rest of world)


What is the refund policy?

Unfortunately because of the inperson experince you will get, I cannot offer any refunds. 


Do I need my Doctors permission before starting? 

No. Although if  you have several medical queries then you can book in for a personalised health consultation with me and will be happy to liase with your doctor




Pay In Full

3000 DHS


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